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Hellman’s Vegan Mayo Review: A Great Egg-Free Substitute for Vegans

This creamy and delicious vegan mayo is Gluten free, suitable for Vegans and is a great source of Omega 3.

First of all, it’s quite a shocking thing to come across a vegan alternative that tastes half as appetizing and finger-licking as the original product. Vegetarianism and veganism are exceptionally healthy dietary choices, and individuals who have adopted this food lifestyle are generally healthier than their meat-eating counterparts. However, both vegans and recent vegan converts know the struggle of finding vegan products that actually taste palatable and edible. But, Hellman’s vegan mayo just came in time to prove that statement wrong. Vegan products can taste just as good as their non-vegan parallels, sometimes even better! That’s why Hellman’s vegan mayo has become one of the first few vegan products to actually ace it.

What makes Hellman’s vegan mayo one of a kind

What’s the difference between vegan mayonnaise and regular mayonnaise? The truth is, there is more difference between the two than similarities. A vegan product should simply be free of any animal products and animal byproducts, and contain healthier ingredients with added nutritional value. But most vegan products don’t seem to get the taste quite right. Most vegan mayonnaise in the past has tasted like an altogether different condiment. Hellman’s vegan mayo, however, is in a league of its own. It has to be admitted that this revolutionizing mayo product is gradually turning into vegans’ favorite culinary product everywhere. Of course, only for those who have had the chance to discover this product. The product isn’t exclusively available to vegans and vegetarians only, meat lovers are also allowed to access this product and savor the tantalizing flavor.

The vegan mayonnaise tastes similar to Hellman’s non-vegan version of it. The main difference is that it lacks that distinct, eggy smell, which is how a vegan product is supposed to smell. Other than that, Hellman’s vegan mayo has a thick consistency, is creamy and taste scrumptious, and perfect for spreads. There’s nothing this product can’t do.

What’s inside Hellman’s vegan mayo?

The product contains ingredients that are very similar to those of the original mayonnaise. The primary difference is, of course, that there is no egg in the vegan mayo. The egg is substituted with modified maize starch and natural flavors like mustard. It carries 654 calories per 100g. This is 9% lower than Hellmann’s real (non-vegan) mayonnaise which has 721 calories per 100g.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan, have an egg allergy, or are simply someone who’s looking to reduce their consumption of animal products in general. Hellman’s vegan mayo is definitely a recommended product in that case. With this product, you will not only be reducing your intake of non-GMO ingredients and a surplus of fats present in regular mayonnaise but also consuming more good fats like omega-3 ALA fatty acids with no artificial flavors or coloring.

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