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Vegan apple crumble pudding cake.

Vegan Apple Crumble Pudding Cake

Vegan apple crumble cake - the changeable companion for every season. Baking is something I've always loved.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 40 mins
Total Time 1 hr
Servings 3 people


Ingredients for the vegan apple crumble pudding cake

    For the base

    • 125 g Vegetable margarine
    • 100 g Sugar (cane sugar)
    • 250 g Flour
    • Some grated lemon peel
    • 2 tbsp Linseed (+ 2 tablespoons water)
    • 1 packet of Vanilla sugar
    • 2 tsp Baking powder

    For the custard

    • 1 sachet Vanilla pudding powder
    • 250 g Soy drink
    • 250 g Oat drink
    • 20 g Sugar
    • 1 pinch of salt

    For the apples

    • 500 g of apples
    • some margarine for frying
    • 1 tsp Cinnamon
    • a little sugar ( for taste)

    For the crumble

    • 150 g Flour
    • 60 g Sugar
    • 90 g vegetable margarine


    Preparation of the vegan apple crumble pudding cake

      For the dough

      • Put vegetable margarine with sugar and vanilla sugar in a bowl and mix with a mixer.
      • Knead everything together and pour the dough into a springform pan and press down lightly. Keep some dough and use it to raise the edge.
      • Mix the flax seeds with the water and allow to swell briefly.
      • Sift the flour through a sieve into the bowl and add the baking powder and lemon zest.

      For the custard

      • Preheat the oven to 165 °C bottom and top heat.
      • Prepare the custard according to instructions and let cool.

      For the apples

      • Wash, core and cut apples into small pieces and place in a pan with the margarine.
      • Add cinnamon and sugar and cook apples briefly until soft.

      For the crumble

      • Mix flour, sugar and margarine and knead briefly.
      • Assemble the apple crumble pudding cake
      • In the springform pan, first spread the apples on the dough.
      • Then pour the custard on top.
      • Finally, spread the crumble on the apple cake and put the cake in the oven for 40 minutes.
      • Let the cake cool down and serve. Enjoy your meal.