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Easy and Sugar-free Vegan Bounty

Easy and Sugar-free Vegan bounty

Easy and Sugar-free Vegan bounty – that’s what I like to enjoy between meals. I love the little treats that you can melt in your mouth with a clear conscience. And for all foodies among you who value a sugar-free diet, I share the recipe here today.

I have a real sweet tooth and love sweets above all. But if, then only without too much sugar. I like to consciously buy my sweet stuff from manufacturers who value low sugar and good ingredients. But I also like to enjoy my own little snacks in between. Exactly such a snack I would like to prepare today together with you. Would you like to create a delicious Bounty-Variante with me, which does without sugar?

Easy and Sugar-free Vegan Bounty

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Ingredients for vegan bounty

Preparation of the vegan bounty

I wish you bon appétit!


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